The Run

The Run


Ruuuuuun!!!!!! He did as he was told and ran not just ran, he ran as fast as he could. Two men had followed him but its not a him it’s a dog. The two men was on his tale, the dog had ran with those two men behind him for ages. Then there was a train that went pass he then jumped on. It was dark he then suddenly heard a growl there where two dogs, the orange one spoke first. What are you doing here,I am running from the pound the dog said, really we are too the orange dog said. You know what come with us.πŸ˜•

2 thoughts on “The Run”

  1. Hi Finn!

    You’ve mixed a thrilling train scene with a dog’s escape from the pound. That’s very creative! What if dogs could really talk? I wonder what they’d say. I have a golden retriever and a spring spaniel…if only I could hear what they say to each other, like in your story. Keep on writing, Finn!

    Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia, USA

  2. Hello Phinn, I really liked your action-filled story! Your description was very good – it made me feel as though I was there. Make sure you double check your spelling.

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